Training Workshops/Webinars

The National Center presents two workshops per year to train users of the tools and templates. The National Center is now also presenting webinars.


The National Center provides training workshops to communicate the tools, templates, guidebooks, methodologies, etc. There are two types of workshops available: Regional Workshops or State-Specific or Organization-Specific Workshops.

 Regional Workshops

Two regional workshops will be scheduled:

Regional Workshop – The next workshop is scheduled for Monday, July 24, 2017, and is being hosted by the Arizona Center for Rural Health (SORH). Workshop flyer and registration form will be available later.

Regional Workshop – Another workshop will be held in Fall of 2017, hosted by the Pennsylvania State Office of Rural Health. Exact date is not yet available. Workshop flyer and registration form to be available later.

Two regional workshops are provided each year by the National Center. The regional workshops are available to anyone interested in learning about RHW. The workshops are designed for professionals from agencies that plan to be involved in providing technical assistance to local communities in any of the four areas of focus of the National Center. A copy of an agenda is available for your review:

Example Agenda for Regional Workshop

Workshops can be hosted by any state. There is no cost associated with hosting a regional workshop. The host state assists in determining a location for the workshop in their state. One benefit to hosting a workshop is having the host organization represented on the workshop flyer, literature, communications, etc. The main benefit is having the workshop available locally for participants from the host state to attend. Each participant will pay a small registration fee to attend the workshop. The registration fee is to cover the cost of breaks, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses. The National Center invites any state interested in hosting a workshop to contact the staff.

RHW invites any interested party to register and attend the regional workshops. Enrollment in the workshop is limited to 20 participants and registrations are accepted on a “first come, first serve” basis. To register for a scheduled regional workshop, click on the link to a Regional Workshop above.

To host a workshop, contact the staff of the National Center.

State-Specific or Organization-Specific Workshops

None currently scheduled.

If a state or an organization would like a workshop specifically for that state or organization, a workshop can be specially designed and presented. The participants at these workshops would be determined by the specific state or organization. There would be a cost for these workshops and the cost would vary based on location and attendance. An example of a state-specific workshop is a workshop designed to cover community health needs assessment only; the state invites the non-profit rural and critical access hospitals to attend.

To schedule a workshop, contact the staff of the National Center.


The National Center is offering to present webinars to our users at no cost. Anyone wanting to host (or sponsor) a webinar can contact the National Center for Rural Health Works. A webinar host can choose a webinar topic and then invite participants who will be interested in learning about the benefits of the tools or how to apply the tools. Typically, these webinars will last one hour. The webinar host is responsible for marketing the webinar to their desired audience. There is no cost for these webinars.

Possible webinar topics including an outline are included here:

A. Economic impact of a small rural hospital or a critical access hospital

B. Economic impact of a nurse practitioner/physician assistant

C. Economic impact of a rural nursing home

D. Economic impact of a rural health clinic

E. Economic impact of a state Medicaid program

F. Economic impact of a medical school

G. Economic Impact of a rural primary care physician

H. Community health needs assessment

I. Need for primary care physicians and specialty physicians

J. Combined economic impact of a primary care physician and the need for  primary care physicians and specialty physicians

The webinars are intended to be very topic-specific and last only one hour. Webinars can be modified and can include two or more of the topics from the list above. The National Center will continue to offer two one-day workshops each year to provide a more comprehensive illustration of their tools and templates. The one-day workshops are presented on-site and also need to be hosted.

Please feel free to contact the staff to host a webinar or to host a workshop in the future.