Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available from the National Center. The National Center will assist users with development of the tools and templates for their organization.

For technical assistance, be sure to contact the National Center staff. The staff are available by phone or email to share original documents in Word, Powerpoint, or Excel. This will assist in preventing duplication of effort.  The staff will also walk through any of the tools or templates and assist with understanding the IMPLAN model, data sources, etc. The staff are available to review user draft documents to assure appropriate illustration of the model and appropriate use of the multipliers.

Additional training can be provided on-site at the National Center at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This additional training would provide “hands-on” assistance and would be by appointment only. The only cost would be the participant’s time and travel to Oklahoma. If additional training or assistance is needed at the user’s location, there would be a cost depending on funding availability.