Welcome to The National Center for Rural Health Works

Gerald A. Doeksen speaks at a workshopThe National Center for Rural Health Works provides tools and templates by which community residents can evaluate their health systems. This is typically accomplished by training state teams to assist rural communities. The National Center (or RHW) develops tools and templates and provides training and technical assistance in the following areas:

Tools & templates are available for the focus areas. The National Center provides training workshops/webinars to train potential users and technical assistance to assist users with development of the tools and templates for their organizations.

Ultimately, the success of the National Center for Rural Health Works must be measured through the outcomes at the local, regional, and/or state level. The tools are applied consistent with state, regional, and local needs. Tools engage community leaders in local health care decision-making by showing them the importance of the health care sector to their local economy. The hard facts are illustrated with locally specific numbers and are the key to obtaining local participation.

The overall measure of success of Rural Health Works is based on the development of sufficient rural health care services, healthier rural communities, and stronger local economies to ensure the existence, sustainability and viability of local health services.